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- for you who want to screw up the experience! 

the masters

Experience ice chess at its best, through the eyes of a master.

Dive deep into the world of curling, where our top champions become part of your team.


Together with them, you lead your team towards an exciting and joyful experience on the ice. End the day with a delicious dinner and an awards ceremony celebrating your achievements.

Möt mästarna
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Whether it's colleagues, clients, friends or family, challenge them to a memorable experience on the ice!

We offer tailor-made package solutions, from introductory basic instructions to a thunderous finale complete with prize giving and a delicious dinner. Experience the feeling of challenging your senses on the slippery ice and enjoy a bonding activity that is guaranteed to be a lasting memory!

Contact us, and together we will create the perfect icy experience for your party!

Championship prizes for curling enthusiasts

Soon we will launch an exciting collection of products for curling enthusiasts! From prestigious winners' trophies to stylish House of Curling jackets.

Stay tuned and get ready to add some extra flair to your curling game!

Watch out!


the match

Do you wish to live stream your curling event, document a training session or perhaps capture every moment of a competitive match?


We now offer tailor-made solutions that combine high quality with attractive prices.


Let us help you turn your curling memories into vivid pictures! Contact us for more information.

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